About Us

In at least one point of each of our lives, there will come a time when we would turn to oral nutritional support, be it for ourselves or for our family members and friends. The ability of the human body to absorb nutrients thru oral food intake alone changes as we age or if we develop certain medical conditions. That is why health science companies continually formulates nutritional products to address this. Oral Nutritional Supplements are for individuals who cannot meet their needs thru food intake alone. It could be due to poor appetite, stress etc. It is also for those with specific medical conditions that would be better managed if the formula products would serve as meal replacement. Meanwhile, Enteral Nutrition Support is given to individuals who have a functioning gut but are unable to take oral feedings due to difficulty chewing or swallowing, or motility problems, in post-traumatic or post-operative state.

Formula Juan aims to be your one-stop shop for most of your oral and enteral nutrition support needs. We source the products from trusted local distributors, often direct from the manufacturer, too. The formula products are always checked if sealed and without dents or rust. They are then stored in a temperature-controlled room to ensure freshness and safety. And while some of these products (not all) can be bought from your local drugstore, Formula Juan delivers straight to your doorstep. Order from the comfort of your home. Worry less about having a regular supply, instead have more time to focus on health, wellness, and recovery.

You'd want to BE there for your loved ones, right? We gotchu fam. We're here for every Juan.